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On a happier note...I may be able to get a doula!!!!

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Being the resourceful girl that I am and considering Google to a very good friend of mine I've found a place that offers a free doula service to women who are low income and alone. So I'm now in contact with them and we will see how it works out for me. I'm thinking I will qualify so that's something to look forward to and gives me less to worry about.
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Yay, that's wonderful! I read your other thread,
and congrats!!!
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What a great find-I hope they'll be able to work with you!
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Also, check with individual doulas. When I was interviewing and looking for my doula at least half of them offered reduced cost or even free service for mamas with financial difficulties. One doula said to me that she did not think it fair for a woman to have to forgo labor help because she couldn't afford it and would always help a mother in need. So, even if for some reason you don't qualify through this agency, please don't give up.
That's what I was just thinking,if I can't get a doula through them then I'll ask around or even place an ad on craigsist or something. CL may not be the best place but I may find a better place to look for one.

Giving birth is a pretty scary thing. So I'm glad that some doulas are willing to volunteer ot offer a reduced cost.
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