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On day 3 of high fevers, advice please!

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Ds was complaining of throat pain on Wednesday afternoon and spiked a high (102 +) fever that night. Assuming it was probably strep throat, I took him to the ped. I was off base, it was the beginning of an ear infection.

I'm not a big fan of habitually breaking fevers or giving abx (in this case zithromax) for every little thing, but my boy is in PAIN. Every time the fever gets up to 101 or above, he is just in agony, so I've been giving him the abx as prescribed and breaking his fever every time it goes up and he tells me he hurts (which is about every 6 hours).

The last time he had an ear infection was in September and his pain and fever were gone w/i the first 24 hours after meds were given. This time, we're on day 3 and still having very high fevers every time the fever reducing meds wear off. (Side note: Before September, ds hadn't had an ear infection since around the time of his first birthday.)

I called the doc on call and she told me that maybe he just isn't reacting well to the zithromax and called in some amoxicillin, which is what ds had last time. We are scheduled to start the amox in the morning.

I'm getting to the point that I feel I need to try something else or do something else. Does anyone have some advice for me? I just want ds to feel better and not be in pain.
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Most ear infections are viral so those antibiotics will be doing zilch. I am a firm believer in fevers as a GOOD thing. A sharp and sudden drastic increase is dangerous, but a fever itself is not. I would treat the pain with some ibuprofen and not worry about the fever. What are you doing to "break" it?
To break the fever, I'm just giving him Motrin or Tylenol when the fever goes up above 101. That directly correlates with ds's pain (ie-when the fever goes up ds is hurting, when its down he isn't). I don't typically like to break a fever just to break it.
That makes sense. I knew someone that used to layer clothes and blankets on her kids and put them in a hot bathroom until they "sweat it out." Glad to hear that's not what you're doing!

Have you tried garlic ear oil? How old is ds? Heating pads on the affected ear also feel very good.
Ds is 3.5. I don't think either of our HFS are open tomorrow, but maybe Wal-Mart or Walgreens will have garlic ear oil? I'll check, anyway.

Thanks so much!
Someone posted some really good homeopathic info for ear infections on the "Help hydrating, please" thread.
No huge advice that's any different than what you are doing, but my dd (3.5) is going through this as well. She had a high fever starting on Sunday - it was 104.3 - and the fever didn't go BELOW 101 until Thursday
Poor thing was miserable and I did alternate motrin/tylenol during the worst of it (above 103) and mega-dose the vit. C - honestly I think that helped the most (the vit. C)

*hugs* it took us a good 5-6 days before dd was feeling better and she finally broke the fever yesterday (Sat.) so that took a solid week. It's just a nasty virus I suppose.
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