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On the heels of the ME diapers thread

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Does anybody know of hemp doublers that snap into these diapers? I know I could just use some lay in ones but sometimes I like to have things snapped together...wondering if anybody has found any yet.

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Why don't you ask your favorite WAHM (that has a professional snap press) to make some for you? All you would have to do is measure between the snaps and measure the length and width of the original doubler and give her this information.


I just wanted to say that the snaps on my Luke's Drawers are the same size as Motherease but other WAHM diapers have different snaps and wouldn't be compatible with the ME snaps. So make sure you ask about snap sizes.

I really don't know much about sewing dipes, I just noticed this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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