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On the heels of the RR catalog-list your other favorite catalogs

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I have to admit I don't order from all of them but I use them as a reference either for the book lists or the descriptions of the products.

Here's a few of mine that I look thru all year (other than RR): I use their reading lists alot! I'm using their AS 1 history program next yr and have enjoyed their reading lists as well (though it annoys me that they don't list authors) One of my favorites because they have nice book descriptions and it's a very "homey" catalog if that makes sense fun games, nice pictures LOVE this one for all the various products Wonderful historical and science coloring books, sticker books, and cheap classics Cool science stuff and pretty good prices
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Paper Scissors Stone Great art and waldorf supplies

Ambleside Online Great reading lists, and I like some of Charlotte Mason's approaches

Usborne Books

That said, I can't stand the Rainbow Resource catalog, it is just too big and lacking any pictures to make it fun to look through!
Lots of arts and crafts supplies and manipulatives for younger ones especially.
2 Educational Innovations- lots of cheap neat science stuff. We liked the UV detecting beads, "balancing bird" and no pop bubbles
Lots of stuff for older kids too I have an order all planned out for this one
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can we make this a sticky please?
See less See more Wonderful, caring careful book selections and excellent descriptions. Unschooling resources etc..

i second

it's one of my favorites, and i love diane hopkins personal comments!
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