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Just wanted to update you guys. Since the last time i posted, I've gotten mroe phone calls and more threats to "take me for all I've got" and to take the baby, among other things. It is coming to the light that my FIL giving me a car was a setup from the get go. The entire thing was a ploy to get me to NY He is not what he pretends/appears to be.
I'm getting a continuance on our court date this Friday, because I am all the way in TX and won't ne back by then. The more i hear from/about them, the more I truly believe they are set to abduct my ds....whether legally or illegally.

The program here is excellent....the grounds are beautiful. I am looking for work, ds is htriving on the fresh airand tons of other kids to play with, and whil it is not perfect, it is working for us. i am applying to some transitional housing programs and hopefully withtin the next week or 2 we will be hearing back about shelter-to-apartment type programs.

Just wanted to let you all know I didn't drop off the face of the earth, and ds and I are doing fine.

as a side note, being away from my mother has made it clear to me that lvigin with her was extremely toxic. i will never live with her again. The mental weight that I left in VA was tremendous and has made this move so priceless. I feel so free to make my own decisions and to live as I see fit. ds is happily nursing every hour and cosleeping and potty learning and palying and living FREE from criticism or judgment. It is like a breath of fresh air.
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Hi mama I am so happy to hear that your Ds and you are doing well
: I was thinking about Pming you to see if you where okay (that is actually why I got online just now
) stay safe and happy
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i am glad to hear from you and i'm glad that you are in a better place even though the chaos continues to swirl around. you are moving in the right direction, so keep you pace strong and shake those haters off.
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Great to hear that you are thriving. Sounds like you made the right decision
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Take care of yourself, I have been crossing my fingers everything is okay with you and your son.
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