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*~*~*~* On The Wagon Tribe *~*~*~* (jump on in anytime!)

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If you need serious support in withstanding unnecessary purchases you can't afford, post here. If you are desperate to sell your massive amounts of excess diapering goodies, but have a hard time mustering up the courage to say goodbye to the fluff that has served you so well and made you feel so glad, post here.

: am shamed to say that I am in both camps. I have listed lots of hot items on ebay this week and I do feel SO GREAT about it, especially the stuff we weren't using. And--get this--I have raised enough $ cash $ to pay for my elbee order that is coming up relatively soon (which is a pretty big one I've been anticipating all year) ! Yay.
I was gonna have to put that on the credit card otherwise.
: <----love this icon, so multifaceted !!

I need to list more, more, more, more! I have been selling on the TP and now recently tried ebay and have sent out soooo many packages in the last couple months, but we're still sitting on a mountain of goodies. Crazy amounts like 4 dozen hyena fitteds and around 18 coveted woolies. That is excess. And in a stash like that my favorites, the ones that truly bring a smile to my face, don't get the attention they deserve!

So... what more should I part with--my FLAG, Firefly size Large, FMBG size large, or FCB size 2s that all have too high of a rise for my son? Or do I save them for later (I worked hard getting those!)? What about a wool cover or two that isn't getting the attention it needs? My SOSs that take too long to dry and take up too much bulk in my front loader machine (but fit soooo well and are soooo well made!)...... you can appreciate my angst, I assume.

Anyway post your dilemmas and angst ridden issues here. We will understand.

Under a mountain of fluff,
Angelica and the snuggly bug who is currently trying to type on the laptop
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I need to *stop* buying. Like yesterday. :LOL
I didn't mention that i need to STOP buying.....
I have been buying fluff nonstop since I started GETTING paypal funds to spend! Wool in ones, soakers, soaker pants, nursing shirts...... new nikes and merrell shoes for long summer days of babywearing a monster sized heavy baby......
: We can NOT afford it! Somebody stop me (said in best Jim Carey impersonation I can muster in my head)!!
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I simply do not have the money to be buying more stuff. So, I need to be on the wagon.
I need to be on this wagon and sewing. :LOL
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I am SO jumping onboard!!!! I have been out of control and feel really guilty now.

To top it off I just had to have $350.00 worth of work done on my car yesterday (out of the blue) so I am really screwed now! I think some of my precious dipes have to go
We dont have a huge stash and I have already gotten rid of everything that doesnt work for us or that didnt get used so that we could get what did work. So now I guess the things I love will have to go
if I can muster the courage that is!

But FOR SURE no more buying for me -- if you see me trying, DONT let me!!!!!!
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Count me in! The FM custom slots wer too much for me and I caved, but I didn't get any anyway.

My big problem is selling the diapers we don't use. I have a huge pile just sitting there waiting to be put up on the TP. I don't know why I can't part with them, they're just sitting there. Am I too attached?
Yes, Amy, let them go to where they will be loved, to where they will fulfill their diaper destiny..... :LOL
I will be on the wagon as soon as I win your medium El Bee from ebay.
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Originally Posted by cj'smommy
My big problem is selling the diapers we don't use. I have a huge pile just sitting there waiting to be put up on the TP. I don't know why I can't part with them, they're just sitting there. Am I too attached?
Yes sell those dipes you don't use~You'll have some moola from them & some dipes that are being used by someone else's bum
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I need to summon up the courage to sell my nb stuff, buy stuff we can use for the rest of our diapering days, and be done with diapers and find a new hobby. Is that possible?
I have what I wanted - a FM custom to move up to the next size as we're close to outgrowing the 1s. Now I am truely happy. I have attempted to stay on the wagon many times and it's NOT easy! I have no desire to buy right now, though, so this time might work! I am not waiting for anyone to stock. It's actually a relief!
I'm on! And I have a pile of stuff to sell, will do that next week...feels good to be on the wagon!
I MUST STOP!!! I just spend $1400 on life extending work on the car and $250 on the cat and $200 on clothes for myself that I really did need so I can't afford any more stuff. Plus I don't NEED anything either. I have lots of dipes and a few wool covers and fabric to make a bunch more.

So don't sell me anything, no matter how I beg!!!

It's just so much fun, stalking and looking and dreaming and BUYING!
I am going to ride the rail and hope I don't chap my buns. I need to buy things for my son, he currently has 2 covers and about 8 pfs. He really does need more pfs and covers. He has 2 wool covers and 4 soakers on the way.

What keeps happening is that I keep getting distracted by uber cute girly stuff for my daughter. She doesn't really need anything else. But she has 6 soakers on the way. Granted she didn't have any soakers before but..well. She doesn't need them. What she does need is 2 more FB's for overnight but like I said, I keep seeing cutie stuff and getting it.

I just need to be redirected in my spending.
"It's just so much fun, stalking and looking and dreaming and BUYING!"

Don't I know it, girl. *sigh*

Originally Posted by oops broken condom
I am going to ride the rail and hope I don't chap my buns. .

: You are too funny. If I knew how to get you to stop buying the cutie stuff, I wouldn't be smothering in this mountain of fluff.....
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can we dish about something OT for a second to help distract us while riding around together?

What should my senior title be?
so any advice and getting on the wagon when it's not really financially motivated? we don't really need anything i'd like to get off of the diaper merry-go round. seems like we have a constant stream of stuff coming and going at this house and i'd like to find a way to just be happy with what we have (until it falls apart or is outgrown).

oh and can i be "on the wagon" and still place my elbee order when my number finally comes up? i placed it back in january i believe.
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