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I bought this a few weeks ago from a mama on another site. It is like brand new. I've always wanted to try one. I just really like my wrap best... My guy prefers facing outward if he is not sleeping. I shouldn't mess with perfection right?

This has a pocket in the front for storage, so you don't even need to tote a diaper bag!! (I love this feature.) You can put stuff in the pocket which snaps closed and/or in the BACK of the pocket (between the body of the carrier and the pocket!) So it's like 2 Pockets in one!! The snap is a beautiful pearl irredescent.



The straps are nice and long. It has Great Padding. Very comfortable.This is beautiful.
The inner is a tan minkee fabric. So soft next to your baby. (think berryplush w/ a tiny bit higher pile)
This will be an awesome fall carrier and great for summer nights. Cooler than a wrap for the day.

Make me an offer! PM ME!

From their website:
Based on the classic Japanese Baby Carrier, the Cat's Meow Onbuhimo features solid triple layer construction and sturdy 4.5 inch wide straps at the shoulders, with nylon slingrings at the waist. Similar in style to our Mei Tai, the onbuhimo features a narrower body panel for baby's comfort and only one set of straps, which are threaded through rings at the waist for ease of use. Snuggle your baby in style and comfort, as this Onbu has padded shoulder straps, pretty scalloped edging, and is REVERSIBLE. Waist rings are set horozontally along the bottom of the body panel. Shoulder straps are placed at a slight angle.

The Cat's Meow Onbuhimo offers a great, hands free way to carry your baby through your daily activities, which has been proven beneficial to both baby and parents alike. The strap and ring design disperses the weight of baby evenly across both shoulders, hips, and back, to lessen strain. Easy to "tie" baby on in both front, back, and even hip carries.
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