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once and for all...

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what is the best detergent for cds? We use ucpfs, bummis swws and bumkins aio's. Oh, and a couple of hemp fitteds. That's it. I've used All F&C, but was told that f&c detergents cause buildup. We've tried Tide - dd got a horrible rash. Tell me what to buy, and/or what to stay away from please. I'm tired of thinking about it!

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if all is working for you and you arent have any problems then stick with it. I think the f&c thing is a bit of a myth cause I have known a lot of people to use it and none have ever had problems.
One thing Ive learned is not to go by what everyone else says but by what works for you. I personally use baking soda only in my wash, and use VERY hot water. Its worked well for us while nothing else did. Others havent had the same experience, it totally depends from house to house
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anyone else have any suggestions?
and if you search the diapering forum for detergent you will get a lot of answers.
As I said if All is working for you stick with it, if not play around with whatever is in your budget.
I don't think there's any general consensus on what the best thing is to use. Sensi-clean (also called sportwash) seems to help for preventing buildup, but it probably wouldn't work for everyone either.

There are just so many variables - washer, water type, type of diaper, temperature of water, etc. - I think it's just about impossible to say for sure.

One thing I've learned - don't use much detergent at all! I just use a tiny bit (I also have a frontloader though), and it gets everything clean and I haven't had any buildup problems yet (but I just started a couple of months ago).

Thanks seepae and thanks mamas!
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