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once the solids start, what is the yuck factor in dipe cleaning?

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Hi there. My 5 month old boy is exclusively breastfed and he has been having those runny bf poops - so easy to clean! I just throw my fitted diapers into the wash and run them through a regular hot water/cold rinse cycle. In a month or so, I plan to start our baby on solids - I'm just wondering how tough it is to clean the diapers at this point. My mom gave us a present of a diaper service for 6 months. What a nice mom. My DH thought we should continue to use this diaper service but we can NOT afford this luxury. We both liked the prefolds the service provided though.

I was thinking of just ordering 24 prefolds and washing the diapers myself - the most economical solution. I am just a little nervous about the "solid" poops though. Can I still throw the diapers into the wash or do I need to start dunking them in the toilet?

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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As long as the poop stays runny, you can just throw it in the wash. Once it starts to get more solid (like the consistency of peanut butter), you will probably want to dunk or get a minishower. I was initially very put off by this, and trust me, it's not a big deal at all. Grab clean corner of diaper. Stick diaper in toilet. Flush. Swish around while flushing. DO NOT get hands wet. Throw diaper in pail.

Another tip I have is to get some fleece liners. The poop doesn't stick to them, and I find that I often don't have to dunk -- just holding the liner vertical over the toilet is enough to make the poop fall off.

You won't be sorry you buy the CPFs -- washing at home is totally doable!
My 6 month old started on solids 2 weeks ago (3x a day), and his poops have become more solid as well. I just shake the poop in the toilet and what else sticks comes off in the laundry!
I do dry pail with NO dunking and it works wonderfully.
My routine is:

After changes
1. Shake off solid poops in the toilet. Trow ALL diapers in the pail.
2. If diapers begin to smell, I sprinkle baking soda on them
3 I wash my nylon covers if they smell or are pooped on. I wash them in hand and hang them to dry

On Laundry Day:
1. Rinse Cycle on cold with baking soda
2. Hot wash with 1/4 recomended detergent
3. Extra rinse in cold
4. Trow them in the drier

This site talks about diaper washing and care
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