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One sided feedings? help!

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Okay, so DS who is 7 months usually starts out in his crib after being nursed down and then comes in bed with us when he wakes to eat for the first time. I have several questions about co-sleeping, so forgive me if this is too long...

1. How do you not get lopsided when you nurse and co-sleep at night? The bed order with us goes like this (DS, then me, then DH) we have a bed rail guard for DS because I don't want him to sleep in between. DH often has bad dreams that cause him to move about quite "violently" not violent, but he thrashes in bed ya know? and I don't want ds to get bonked in the process. So, I sleep on my right side and nurse ds from my right breast. When I try to lean over further to nurse from my left side, I get bad shoulder cramps and end up really uncomfortable. Is there a better way?

2. Would I be better off putting our mattress on the floor or have my side on a wall or both? Just for saftey sake. We have a queen sized pillow top but it isn't one of those super smooshy pillow tops, just comfy. And then I would have Ds between me and the wall?

Thanks for your help with this. I really want to keep up the co-sleeping but think that I have been going about it the wrong way hence the slight burnout.
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I didn't get lopsided bc I leaned over to give the other breast or we flipped over but I think eventually nature would regulate that (I'm not sure though)

We pushed the bed against the wall so DD was really safe. I didn't put my mattress on the floor and we were fine.
My guy's only 4 months, so maybe they roll more as they get older, but when he was first born he slept with me onthe outside edge of the matress, and him rolling off the bed was never a concern (then i usually slept with him cradled in my arms.) But still, he doesn't rool and i feel comfortable with him staying on the bed with no guard rail. However, in the past month we put up a sidecar crib (which he doesn't use, he's stilll in our bed) so maybe that gives me a sense of security too? Is that an option maybe? put a crib sidecarred on one side, and a bed rail on the other....or even a bed rail on each side, and alter which sides you sleep on?

Maybe talk DH into switching spots in the middle of the night...nag enough and maybe he'd just groggily roll over and give up?

If you did sidecar a crib, then maybe baby and you can scooch sideways into the crib to switch which side you nurse on without putting DC right night to DH?
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Thanks. Last night actually went pretty smoothly. DH commented this morning on how cozy we looked when he woke up and saw us sleeping. DS stayed snuggled close all night which was SOOO nice. I think we will push the bed against the wall just for my peace of mind (I am one of those worriers, part of my PPD) so it will help me sleep better. I almost bought one of those sidecars when DS was first born because I had always planned on having him next to me but DH talked me out of it because of the cost so we ended up with the bed bar.

Hey, totally OT but where do you guys get your great emoticons for mommyhood that are on the bottom of your signatures?
Go to user CP at the top of this screen, then I don't know which links to follow from there, but you'll find them....there's an Edit something or other, and whenyou get there click to Edit signature. THey're the same group of pics that will load if you click on the 'more' link under the little graph pic. at the bottom of the box when you're creating a post.
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