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One size diapers on a newborn?

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Does anyone have pictures of an 8lb baby wearing a one size diaper? I'd like to use a one size system since I will have 2 in diapers. But it seems like they'll be so bulky on a newborn. I have a bunch of SOS & Mutts... I hope they'll work for both kids!
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I think one sizes are a little big on newborns. Even on my 9lb 8ou'er. I used mostly ME One Size, which I think works better than others on infants because the crotch compresses down better and is less thick. I'm not being clear. I used Kissaluvs 0 the first two weeks, size small diapers after that, and ME after a month, I think.

Good luck! has pix of ecobaby one-size diapers on a newborn, and a few other OS dipes as well I think... My ecobaby dipes are similar to the ME onesize, only they're sherpa instead of terry (and organic, of course)... HTH!
Here is DD in a SOS at around 3-4 weeks.

It's a bit big as you can see, but actually it was one of my fave dipes. Very absorbant and perfect for nighttime.
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Here's a (not so great) pic of my DD in a SOS. She's 4 weeks and was 9lbs 2oz when last weighed ..

I have an ecobaby grow-with me fitted too but haven't tried that on her yet.
Nitara in a ME OS at 2.5 weeks old, and under 8 pounds still. With a good AF cover they worked pretty well for her. My older dd wore them until she was 3.5 years old.

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