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One-size dipes- Muttaqin vs SOS

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Ok, we got our first Onesize dipe today from the TP. A SOS and I love it! I always said I would never have onesize dipes because I just couldn't see how they could work for us. Well, I guess I was wrong. It fits my kids perfectly! Even little Jack who is long and skinny, and my DD Sara who is short and chunky. I know that these are hard to get and I saw the Muttaqin still had some available on their site.
So what are the pros and cons for both, I would like to get a few more onesize and I don't want to have to wait forever.

What is your favorite?
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Normally OS dipes don't work for us b/c Ross is so tall and skinny. SOS was one of those. I tried one and the rise was severely lacking.
I got a MuttaQin off the TP a couple weeks ago and it fits perfectly! I ordered another one shortly after that and then I got one of her AIO's earlier this week.

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