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I can reel some off the top of my head

Wonderoos (pocket)

I actually have all of those in the stash
I was really trying to load up on 1sz diapers. Seems like the list was longer. For the most part I prefer 2sz systems, although I really like the fit of muttaqins, cuddlebuns, pinheads and SOS (in no particular order). I like the wonderoo for my petite 5yo bedwetter (didn't like it so much on the baby...cdn't really get the fit right).

That doesn't answer the $$ question for you, but it gives a list to start with.

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OH, I meant to address cost - sadly I keep a list of all my purchases for if I need to sell it!

Motherease - $14 I think (I prefer Sandy's which are not one size)
Ecobaby - don't own
Muttaqin - $15 (I like these too)
Cuddlebuns - $20 if you get all the options at Posh Punkins (these are nice too)
SnoogieSnaps - don't own
Wonderoos (pocket) - retail $14.95 (great pocket dipe, good staple in my stash)
Pinhead - don't own
SOS - $18, $22 if hand dyed (worth EVERY penny!)
Growing Greens - $14
Puddlecatchers - $12?
Luke's Drawers - around $15
Doodlebottoms - don't own

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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