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I keep my KKAFP and my KKACP in the car at all times. My KKAFP is my absolute favorite, but it is so hot for Oklahoma weather. However, I keep hoping for a cool day because I have such an easy time using it and it feels so secure.
I have been taking my girls to camp this week. One mom there has a 4 month old a day younger than my 4 month old.
When I was carrying Sweet Pea in the KKACP today, the mom commented on how comfy she looked. At dinner, I took both pouches and let her take them w/ her. Tonight at service, she brought it back and mentioned that she and her hubby had problems getting a good fit. I was able to fit her little guy in the pouch in a tummy to tummy position and a standing face out position. He loved it and the mom looked thrilled. I left my pouch for her to use and send home on Friday.
Now I just have to use my less liked New Native until Friday.
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