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One year old WILL NOT SLEEP!

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Hi All,

I am new to this group and am having major difficulties with my one year old daughter. She has never been a great sleeper but right now it's out of control. She sleeps for an hour at a time (at the most) and when she is in bed with me co-sleeping she is pulling on and off the breast constantly , tossing, turning, and never really getting to sleep until I stand up and rock her for 10 minutes. Occasionally I am able to get her into her crib after that (where she seems to sleep better than she does with me). Unfortunately that will only last 1-2 hours as well. We have a consistent bedtime routine and she usually goes down fairly easily. It's staying down that won't happen.

I work full-time as does my husband and we are ready to fall apart. We are fighting over what to do when she wakes up - despite the fact that we have read all the same books. And due to our exhaustion we are being very grumpy with one another. We strongly disagree with cry-it-out but feel like we'll never sleep again. Any advice? I would greatly appreciate anything you seasoned mamas have to offer.

Thanks so much,

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Well, good luck! My 15 month old went through the same thing. Possibly teething? Then you could try homepathic remedies. Any new foods? There is usually always a reason for a good sleeper to be disturbed. Maybe even getting sick? Sometimes it's just a new phase, and you have to remain strong and ride it! They are always changing, it won't last forever.
I could write a novel on the trials and tribulations of trying to get my DS to sleep over the past year since he was born. "Poor sleeper" is far from complete or accurate. Grandmas are stumped. Friends don't understand. Husband is getting back pain from sleeping on the double-sized futon next to the crib (which DS doesn't even sleep in)... After many tears, lots of insecurity, some anger, a half-dozen books that I wanted to tear to shreds, I came here. And I found that I'm not alone; that hundreds of moms are covering the dark circles under their eyes before work. Resigning ourselves to hold babies through their naps because it's the only place they'll sleep longer than 20 minutes. We nurse incessantly through the night. And... we hug them a little more tightly because they're going through a rough time. We love them a little more because they need us so much. We savor these fleeting nights when we can cuddle up to our children, because soon we'll be in bed alone, worrying about how late they'll stay out with the car...
I wish I could offer you a solution. I'm no martyr. In fact, my fuse is often quite short. My DH knows that all too well. I hope you and yours come to terms with some solutions that work for you.
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Hi, I could have written your post, I am having the same troubles with my one year old son. If I don't get a few hours of sleep soon I am going to go crazy.
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Im so glad I found this board cause I am ready to snap!! My daughter Samantha will not nap for more than 45 min and when she wakes she wants to sleep on me for another hour or 2 which I made the mistake of doing. Well im weeks away from having another baby and my daughter is 14 mo! I have no idea what to do. On top of that she sleeps with us. She will get into our bed when I want her to go to sleep and sometimes she will sit up talking and playing for an hour before she lies down! Im just wondering how this will go over with the new baby?!! Will the baby wake her when the baby wakes in the middle of the night......Im just so frustrated!
I think my son was 15 months or so when I started giving him yogurt before bed. That helped him sleep longer and he didn't wake hungry. It may help if father and child co-sleep. My son slept through the night after sleeping with my husband (me and baby slept separately).

I'd also like to give you hope. It gets better. My 3 1/2 year old son hates to go to bed but he sleeps through the night for the most part and he has now transitioned to his toddler bed next to our bed.

It gets better.
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