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I was married to a Oneness Pentecostal & circumcision came up frequently. She even said 'you're mom said you woulda been cut if you'd not been born a preemie, & I just feel lime, if we don't, something bad will happen'. That, plus her mom ( who had a mouth like you wouldn't BELIEVE... I wasn't raised with all the yelling & so not used to it)- we lived with her mom & step dad - plus the fact that my small Rey Mysterio frame (I have much less muscle) gave out when trying to get her from floor to wheelchair or to bed... Needless to say we're not together anymore.

Honestly, I'm surprised she wanted any intimacy with me at all, because of my foreskin.

As y'all can imagine, I'm glad to be out of that situation.

Which leads to my question. How common is circ among Oneness Christians?
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