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Online homeschooling for 14 year olds...

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My nephew is having trouble in school (lots of reasons behind this ) he is now living with my sisiter who is considering homeschooling him...but hse really is interested in keeping him home but not like unschooling or anything..
what are some online schools that are good for an ADD type kid who is in his early teens.
He likes some parts of school but not actaully going to school...
TIA advance
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Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to the online school, but wanted to give another suggestion to see if it may help. Some background: I've been homeschooling for over 11 years. My oldest is just finishing her first year of homeschool high school & I have 3 kids with sp needs (learning disorders & ADHD --two whom I hs).

Anyway, I can't emphasize enough how wonderful it is to be able to homeschool a child with SN. Your nephew will get customized, one-to-one ratio instruction. A good place to get started, would be to go to your home state's government page & click on education, then click on homeschooling. That way you can become versed in the laws & the high school graduation requirements, including testing (if that's a requirement). It sounds overwhelming, but it's really not. It will actually give you the confidence of knowing how to approach his studies. Also, if he has an IFSP through the school system already, you'll get free resources (tutors in subjects, like foreign language, etc). I hope this helps!
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Thank you!Good news..My sisiter is writing the letter of intent on Monday. He's coming home!! Funnily enugh it was her husband who was really pulling for sisiter was wirried she couldn't do it but he said, "yes we can"
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