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Online Lesson Plan site?

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We're using pre-made lesson plans {Catholic Heritage Curricula} but with a little tweaking.

Is there a good website where I can work out everything we're doing and print a WEEKLY view?

Homeschool Schedtrack only does daily printouts which drives me nuts. I need to see to whole week to get a feel for how things are being used.

I'd even be open to software or even a good excel template.
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Homeschool Tracker will let you print weekly views. I'm just not sure if you can with the free basic version, or only with the paid full version.

I've considered switching from HS Skedtrack to HS Tracker for that very reason, even though I like the look of HS Skedtrack much better.
aside from the 2 programs mentioned, the only other online record keeping program i'm aware of is

i've never followed through in using it though, so i'm not sure what features it has. *maybe* it has what you're looking for though.
Maybe try here. I am downloading it now! It looks promising anyhow!
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I've heard some good things about the Simply Charlotte Mason Organizer. I'm definitely planning on trying it once we start formal schooling. It's not free, though.
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I'm usually either a)annoyed by parts of these tracking programs that I don't need but have to fill in anyway to use the program, or b)afraid that if it's an online system, one day the website will be gone, or if it's installed on my PC, afraid that my data will get messed up and I won't have it backed up anywhere....

My solution has been to record everything into an online (free, private) googledocs spreadsheet, organizing the spreadsheet to fit my needs - every individual activity is recorded by date and coded by subject; there is a separate sheet for the resources I use. I can back up the spreadsheet to my own PC. I can print as much or as little of the spreadsheet as I need at a time. The spreadsheets could be set up for planning as well.

I also write my own weekly summaries, and keep them in our binder; at the end of a month I will write a monthly summary in a googledocs document and keep it at googledocs, and backed up on my PC.
I like to use a teacher's plan book that I found at Target for $1. I get a week at a glance - big picture - with specifics in a document for each major subject so I guess it's more of a online/off-line hybrid. I think I'll end up needing two books for the whole year and I write things in pencil so I can easily make changes.

You could also go with Donna Young's templates and either use them as your own or replicate them in a word processing or spreadsheet program.

Oh...and another option would be to use the Google Calendar. You can create multiple calendars on the one account so each subject could have it's own calendar.
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