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Online resources for affordable organics?

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I'm looking at moving to a small town where my grocery shopping options will be severely limited. I will not have a car, and in town there is one regional chain grocery store and a mini-super Wal Mart. There is also Braum's dairy store, but they aren't organic.

Within a 20 min. drive (which I may be able to do 1/wk by borrowing a car), there is Albertson's and a larger version of the chain in the small town, and also a small locally-owned but pricey health food store (and if that 1 day/wk is Sunday, which it likely will be so I can go to the UUF services, it may not even be open).

There is a seasonal farmer's market, but I've found nothing online about CSA other than that. IT's going to take some face-to-face research, inquiring w/ locals etc. to track any of that sort of thing down, I think. I haven't found any food-co-ops in the area, either.

The area, btw, is Amarillo, TX. I'll be living in Canyon.
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bumping again, cuz im interested too
oops, triple post
oops, triple post
Do a search on Amarillo was listed as having an organic farm and a farmers market. I order meats from The shipping was very cheap. If there is an Heb in amarillo they will have some organic things.They are starting to get a nice selection of frozen veggies. They have their own store brand of organics so they are really branching out. Hope that helps.
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