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<p><span dir="ltr">Hi there,</span><br><br><span dir="ltr">We are writing a FUN BUT HELPFUL book on online security for parents and would love to have your input!</span><br><br>
If you could ask computer security professionals any questions on how to create a safer environment online for your child, what would you ask?<br><br><span dir="ltr">Does your child use your computer, tablet and cell phone? Or do they even have their own? What are you doing to protect them (and yourself) from predators and other malicious things that are waiting for you online?<br><br>
What concerns you about online safety and your kids using technology to connect with the world? What are the biggest questions you have?<br><br>
We will do our best to answer all questions received.<br><br>
Thank you!<br><br>
P.S.  If we posted this in the wrong section or have violated your posting rules we apologize. <br>
If you could let us know a more appropriate way to follow we will do that.</span></p>
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