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only 2 mos pg and popping out already

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This is not a big deal, but I am 8 weeks and my belly has suddenly popped out, like I'm 3 mos or 4 mos. This is my second pregnancy, so I understand it isn't going to be like the first, but was a little surprised.

The other question I had was: does anyone else find they have a short temper with their little one(s)? I have a 3 year old dd and I have such little patience with her and end up being short with her or yell. I always apologize, but I just find it harder to control my temper. She's also more attachment to me than she used to be, waking at night for me to sleep with her, wanting me to play with her all the time (I think she is adjusting to pre-school). THe timing just sucks with me being tired all the time. I'm sure many of you have been there, but just didn't want to feel alone!

I'm counting the days until first trimester is over... maybe things will be better then.
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That's me right there with you. I was just posting on the May Mamas board that sometimes when my DS yells "MOMMY!", he might as well be tearing his fingernails down a chalkboard. And at a about 8 weeks, I really started popping out, too, especially after meals. I can no longer button my pants.....

So, I'm fat, moody, sick, tired, and I think I have bad breath.

I am currently a miserable example of the miracle that is a pregnant mother......
I should be taking a nap, but here I am, reading this and laughing. I sooooooo identify. (And I just posted on the May mamas to be thread about my coated tongue... I'm sure it makes my breath really sweet.)

This is part of the reason I'm not telling anyone I'm pregnant. If anyone cooed over me and told me how wonderful it was, I'd want to slug them.

:LOL well I am near 14 weeks and I have been wearing Maternity cloths for a few weeks now. I am not over weight nor under weight LOL sooo This is my third baby and yes I was poking out there at like 8 weeks It was nuts and i thought it was all in my head , But its not. I look about 4 or 5 months now and i have had a lady ask me if i was having twins! Could you be having twins :LOL i know dont smack me lol. You tend to show faster with each baby. I know i sure do! Enjoy it and have fun you can wear the cute materinty cloths longer and they have some cute ones out there now lol.
I'm jealous; I wish I would show because then I could justify the weight I've gained!

My intestines are bulging out above my waistline so I had to pack away all my belly shirts, and sometimes if I wear something tight with my jeans this little roll of fat pops out. I'm almost 7 weeks now so I guess I don't have long to go. With my 1st I wasn't obviously showing until 6 months!

If I don't suck in my gut I look about 4 or 5 months. So I'm not wearing dresses yet because then I will look like I'm a lot farther along than I really for now I am stuck with jeans that are a little tight and all-covering shirts.
I have a hard time being patient with the kids as well. I also don't have the energy to do things like take walks to the playground, do crafts with them, have them help me cook or to play with me much. I've been so tired and sick that they really have ended up watching way too much TV. I'm doing the best I can though - I'm 16 weeks now and just starting to feel a bit better - so I'm hoping not to be so sick through the 2nd trimester this time. I'm just really starting to show the past couple weeks though - but I lost a lot of weight being sick the 1st trimester. It's more obvious over the past week now that I'm starting to get into the maternity clothes a bit more .
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