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Only Child?

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My 3 YO DD will be raised essentially as an only child, since her siblings are adults and do not live with us. I'm looking for suggestions for books on "onlies" that may be AP friendly. Anyone know of any good books on parenting an only child?
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I know there are many books out there - but I have not read any so I can't offer up which ones to look in to.

But I DID want to say there are several good conversations about raising onlies here on MDC...

hope that helps...
Thanks, I will check those discussions out. Anyone else with suggestions for books or articles?
I am in the same situation for the most part. DD is 26 mo and her 4 siblings are from 21 to almost 13. DD is my only child but the 5th for DH and he has had a hard time re-adjusting to toddlerhood again!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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