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Only kids in same bed?

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We have a 4 yr. old and 1 yr. old and a "free-flowing" family bed (that's the best description that comes to mind). We co-slept with DD1 or had her in our room until 1 1/2, then she was partly in her own room, but could come into ours any time (and still does most nights). DD2 sleeps with us mostly, but also has a little-used crib in DD1's room that we occasionally move her to when we go to bed. She usually wakes up to BF and then we bring her back into our bed, but we like to have the option of the other room when she's OK with it.

The question I have relates to the crib that we use occasionally - it's getting too small for DD2. DD1 has a low twin bed and we were thinking of getting a larger mattress (on the floor) for the two of them or a separate mattress on the floor for DD2. Is it unsafe to have both of them on the same mattress? We would put pillows in between. DH wants to try it, but I'm wary about DD1 flailing or rolling onto DD2.

Have you ever tried this?
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I would have no problem with it. DD & DS slept next to each other in our bed (and still do) without problems from about 4-6 month on.
our girls sleep in the same bed. Often times they do roll up together, but they are cozy that way. I've had them co-sleeping since birth (I sleep there to- but nap time and the hours before I go to bed they are alone.)
They have a wodnerful bond- that I can't help but wonder is in part due to co-sleeping. I stopped putting the body pillow between them around 6 months sometime. it was a gradual thing. I still sometimes do if I think one of them is not feelign well or sleeping lightly. It makes for the most adorable pictures, lol. 3 weeks 3 months The other day
Thanks for the encouragement! Rainbow, those pictures are fantastic!
Rainbow, your pictures are beautiful!

I just wanted to add my comment form another POV.... my two sisters and I shared a bed until we were 8,6 & 4 - we loved it (except when my youngest sis would wet the bed
) I think it does help develop a close bond.
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I'm trying to get my dd to sleep in ds's room with him so i will have the crib dd now sleeps in open for the baby if needed. The only way she will sleep in his room is if ds sleeps on the bottem bunk (full size matress) with her. He normally sleeps on the top if dd falls asleep in her crib. DD is 2 years old and DS is 4 y/o.
I shared a full bed with my sisters. I was five, one sister was 3, and the other was about 9 months. We loved it -- when the baby would have trouble falling asleep, I would sing her songs. To this day I have fond memories of it.
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Ohhh Rainbow those photos were so beautiful!

It makes me think about how when I was in elementary school, my sister & I got to have separate rooms, where as before we'd shared a room. And I always ended up going to sleep in her bed with her. I wanted to be like Mary & Laura on Little House!

My family didn't co-sleep, but obviously I do with my son. My mom doesn't approve, but I'm so so happy with the arrangement, I really couldn't care less what my mom thinks. Looking back, I don't think I've ever liked sleeping alone. It just seems so natural to snuggle with your family.
so do you guys think theres any problem with a boy and girl sharing a bed? like a one year old and a four year old? two and five?

when does that become weird and they shoudl have their own beds in your opinion? if ever?
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