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Only look preggo on the top part of my tummy? This is weird.

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Ok, so I'm a pretty fluffy mama, and after having my first son, my tummy hasn't ever looked right. What I mean is, the top part of my tummy kind of pooches way out, then goes in again at my navel, and then pooches out and hangs down a little. Ok I know how gross that sounds, but I'm trying to convey a picture lol
I look pretty normal in clothes, but without them...notsomuch. My husband doesn't seem to care or notice (shockingly), and so neither do I really. Other than trying to get to a healthy weight, I wasn't too concerned with it.

That being said, now that I'm pg (little over 10wks), it seems like the TOP part of my tummy is pooching out way more than the bottom part and I just don't get why!!! I know the uterus can kind of push other stuff up and lead to a fuller look all over, but just seems like the bottom part is normal but above my navel is sticking waaay out. I'm starting to worry that there is some kind of weird tumor or fibroid there or something. Lol, hopefully thats just crazy paranoid thinking.

thoughts or experiences?
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we all carry differently... and Im not just talking carrying baby. We carry our intestines, fat, muscle... all of that differently. This is how I can weigh 220 lbs and most people think Im lying when I say I weigh that much.

Its also what causes us to carry our pregnancies differently... so Im assuming your lower abdomen is a little more firm than your upper abdomen so its pushing it from down all the way up there and then out.

I guess maybe? lol

My stomach looks weird too... you can see a clear dip and bump between this-is-just-cuz-im-fat and this-is-cuz-im-fat-and-pregnant lol... its a few inches above my bellybutton though I know my uterus is nowhere near that high... I think its just where my body goes from less tone to more tone.
I feel like my upper mid-section is larger, too. I saw a sideways glimpse of myself other day and couldn't believe how thick I looked--especially up high!

I think it's a little to do with the uterus, but even more to do with bloating, making extra blood, and having a slow, backed-up digestive system. There's just not as much room in there.
Maybe your lower abdominal muscles are tighter too.
Yup...I'm not a fluffy momma (size 8) and still I have a "bump" up high, not too far below my ribs. I usually get 'split belly' before I round out, so I have a bump above and below my belly button, and that's what the top reminds me of, only mini.
my belly is sticking out a lot ont op too and i'm not very fluffy.. my belly button area sticks out too as it always has.. it seems to be related to eating and slow digestion.. in the morning i look pretty normal but as the day goes on my belly gets bigger and bigger and there is almost a shelf on top.. it feels like my belly is pushing on my ribs already and i'm only 10 weeks!
You guys don't even know how much better this has made me feel

It does seem to get worse as the day progresses (and at the end of the day I have a lot of pain in my stomach), so it makes sense that it could be partially related to the slow digestion and bloat.
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I think your upper tummy could be expanding due to bloat.

I'm a fluffy mama and I look 4 months pregnant, easy. I should post a picture since you probably don't believe me! Some of it is fat but I'd say it's 80% bloat. It's embarrassing since I'm trying not to tell people I'm pregnant. They must be thinking, "That girl needs to lay off the doughnuts!"

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It's embarrassing since I'm trying not to tell people I'm pregnant. They must be thinking, "That girl needs to lay off the doughnuts!"
LOL! I feel this way too. We haven't really started telling anyone outside close friends and family, and I think people really think this of me since I lost a TON of weight last spring (down to what I weighed when I graduated from high school) and then put on 10lbs while TTC this fall. I think people just assume I'm gaining and gaining and gaining!
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Seems to be common across the size spectrum cause I am a tiny person, (size 00), less than 100 lbs pre preg and my "pooch" is just above my belly button as well. Weird. I have been thinking the same thing, the baby is BELOW here. But I also seem to remember getting this same bump in the beginning with my daughter.
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