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Oh golly. I remember when this happened to me. My dd was so mellow, and slept so well for naps that I thought I was going to get a nap for a LONG time.

She stopped with two naps/day at 10 months. I struggled with it but adjusted. At 2.5, she stopped needing naps at all (but she'd still fall asleep in the car if we were out).

I tell ya, giving up that last nap was HARD. I tried to make her nap for a few months of torture until I realized it was ME that needed the nap, not her. So, b/c she was a mellow kid and never got into trouble, I started with Quiet Time where she had to play in her room for 1/2 hr to 45 min while I dozed (and sometimes NAPPED). I made sure she was safe. We had a very small house so I could hear her singing and playing by herself. And life became good again!

Good luck!
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