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Onsies and cloth diapers

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So I have a question... Do all of you mammas who cloth diapers hate onsies? I've heard that opinion expressed a number of times before and I'm wondering if it's universal. I have a ton of onsie hand me downs and I'm thinking that maybe I should start cutting off the bottoms and hemming them into t-shirts now. But then I know a number of non-cloth-diapering moms who LOVE onsies because they prevent the shirt from riding up when you pick up the baby. I don't want to modify all of mine and regret it later but I know I won't have as much time after baby to be sewing. It's quite the dilemma, any thoughts?
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I have a friend who CDs, and she seems to like onesies just fine.
We still used onsies with no problem but I do have a preference for little t-shirts instead. It is sometimes a little hard to get the onsies over the big fluffy bum!
Wow... you must be handy with sewing!! To me, that sounds like a LOT of work.

I used gDiapers with my last baby and onesies were just fine. We used them up until 17 months.

Now I have some prefolds and they are quite bulky... but I am sure I will still use onesies just to keep everything "in". I might just need bigger sizes. I say wait until you know. Yes you won't have time to sew/alter them all later if you do decide to do it, but that is a lot of work!!!
I've heard some mamas complain about it, but many who just size up to avoid the issue.
As long as they aren't in wool, I never really thought about it too much. With wool, the compression can cause them to wick, so i just do laptees (or onesies with the bottom cut off) but we have our share of onesies as well. It was more important with my winter girls to keep their shirts from riding up, but I think with an April baby I won't be as concerned. And besides, a riding up shirt = more opportunities for belly kisses.

I wouldn't over think it - have a few of each on hand. It's easy to chop off the bottom of a onesie (you don't even have to hem them, they shouldn't ravel, though they may roll a bit, so cut low) and they are cheap enough that if you realize you like the snaps, you can go buy another pack.
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I'm using Thirsties so no problem there I guess. I'm thinking, at the very least, of cutting a few of them 'cause otherwise how is anyone going to see the adorable cloth diaper?!

As for the work, it's not too bad because for the first time ever I actually have my sewing machine set up at a permanent table all ready to go. I can do one whenever I have a bit of time to spare. Also, right now, even though I still have a ton of stuff to do before I'm due, I can't do any of it until the renovations on our house are done. So I'm sitting here all motivated to get going and without much I can get going on!
They are an issue when they are snug to the baby. I think sizing up helps. I still used them but sometimes they would get some wetness around the groin of the legs where there might be a little wetness from cloth diaper and the onesie rides up in that area. But I still used them and got them looser when I could.

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I've heard some mamas complain about it, but many who just size up to avoid the issue.
Yes. It's the big 'ol fluffy butt that makes onies a problem. I found that sizing up in the onesies solved the problem. I really do like the onesies for young babes because it solves the ride-up problem of shirts.
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Depends on the size/fit of the onesie, and how good my diaper cover is!
When baby just starts off in a size, the onesie is usually large enough to snap, and I do snap it to help keep things tucked in (but hopefully, I remember to check that the onesie isn't tucked into the diaper cover!). As baby grows (and mine had long torsoes) I still use the onesie, unsnapped, because those extra flaps of fabric do help to keep baby's clothes tucked in.
You can buy extenders, that snap to the onesie and make extra room, but I've never bothered, and think it's more likely that they'll run off with my dissapearing snappies than actually get used!
I always used onsies, but just went a size up so they fit properly over the bulkier CD's.
I HATE ONESIES!!!!! And I cloth diaper. But I also do elimination communication and those snaps make it harder to get LO to the potty in time. I can't tell you how many onesies and sleepers that were given to us for our daughter and that did not get any use because of all of the darn snaps. People have already given me a few onesies for our son. I grit my teeth and say 'thank you' but it means either doing some sewing or schlepping all over to make a return.
I didn't have a problem snapping onesies over our cloth diapers. We mainly used prefolds and fitteds. The only times it was tight were when we super stuffed the diaper for night time.

But that being said, I hate onesies! They are in the way of EC, and you can't see cute cloth diapered bums, and they are just annoying to snap all the time.

With this baby we're using mostly wool and going anti-snaps for the most part. DH was relieved when I suggested getting rid of all of the clothing with snaps, he always got frustrated snapping up those sleepers with 400 snaps from the crotch to the neck...

The only thing with snaps we're saving are the simple footed pj's because I couldn't figure out what else would keep the baby warm at night without worrying about smothering her with covers or trying to keep her swaddled. I think a sleep sack would be too hot, and the gowns only work for a few weeks...
Huh. I never had any trouble, and my kids always wore onesies my bulky, OS pre-folds.
I have to size up even if my kids are in sposies because they're so long-waisted. Cloth diapers don't make a difference, in my experience.
I used the extenders with good results.
I use them all the problems at all and no change in fit.

FWIW...this is with Fuzzibunz, BG3.0 and BG Organic OS.
DDCC I love onesies and I use wool. They do not wick, even when very snug onesie is on. The absorbency of the diaper underneath is what makes all the difference. That being said, I'm going with mostly tee shirts for this baby simply because I have hand knit a bunch of wool covers with little ruffles and embroidery. Fwiw, I have never sized up onesies either. I just use a good absorbent diaper that is not too bulky and it seems to be fine...Only issue would be in a night diaper that you have extra stuffed (we use gowns at night anyway so no issue there) You can always cut later...just my two cents
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with DS I tended to aviod most of the onsies or leave the snaps open with our CD. He was a very juicy in the thigh kind of guy, so we tended to have contact leakage just in those areas from the onsie rolling into the diaper area. I still have some onsies for this one, with the same diapers, so we will see if this bebe is as juicy or not!
for cloth diapering I much prefer lap tees - riding up never bothered me. But we made our onsies work for us - just size up or use an extender tab - i found some at BRU and some at cottonbabies.

ETA - if I didn't size up or use an extender, the compression on a pocket or AIO was often enough so that it wouldn't work - keep in mind i had a super=peer.
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