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OOhh, inexpensive pocket diapers!!

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and lots of them too
This is a friend of mine so if this is spam please remove it. She was really bummed b/c she worked for a month to stock her store and then washed one and poof, crappy fleece!!!
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I'm kinda confused. I can see the difference in the comparison shot with the "seconds" fleece, but I don't understand why one is less desirable than the other. Both work, right?
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She showed me the other day. The seconds fleece pilled up and is not very pretty after washing, but yes, they still work.
Wahhh... I wanted the ducky one but while I was waiting for my registration to go through, someone bid and I lost the buy it now option.

Will she be making more of these with better material? Is this her own design or what? I can't find anything about these through google.
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Where in Oklahoma is she? I'm in Tulsa and would love to save on shipping!!!

She's in Norman. I know she made over 60 diapers with that fleece, but I don't know what prints.

Stop me before I become a
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I think I *am* going to be a hyena, no way around it...

Maybe I'll just be a small hyena, though. We'll see.
The fleece on my 1st quality Fuzzi Bunz and HH is just as pilly/fuzzy as these seconds. What's more important to me than the appearance of the fleece is how it functions. I've had a couple items that repelled so badly when new that they would never let urine through. Has anyone asked her how well the fleece wicks urine through?
The fleece is fully functional. She washed and used one of the pockets on her son and discovered the pilly problem but there isn't any problem with it repelling. Aherne is a wonderful momma and this is a steal!

She is going to be listing more mediums and some larges later tonight I believe so get them while you can! I got 3

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