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I can't even sleep well because my breasts are so tender. I woke myself up moaning last night because I was trying to sleep on my stomach but my boobs were hurting too much. It woke dh up, but I think he thought I was having different kinds of dreams
. Poor guy

But, man oh man, now I understand the complaints of nursing-while-pregnant moms. If anyone is reading this who is nursing while pregnant....
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Nursing while pregnant here. My nipples are sore, but not nearly as much as I know they will probably be at other times during this pregnancy. My only other symptom is having to pee more often than normal. I am evening have to get up once during the night which is totally out of character for me.
Nursing mama here - and no sore boobs. Which is part of what is scaring me, because with my other pregnancies, my boobs were SO sore by this point.
I don't have sore boobs yet, but I didn't with my DD until I was nearing the end of the first trimester. I have a raging case of morning sickness though, does that count?
I'm trying to be positive and view it as a good sign that this baby is in the right spot and is here to stay!
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No sore boobs here for the most part. I had a couple of twinges the other day bit after that nothing. I am peeing all the time though and have occassional heartburn. I always get heartburn when I am pg. I have had a couple of bouts of nausea but nothing major, its too early still.
Well I didn't think mine were sore (and with my first pg, they were WAY sore). But then this morning when my ds was nursing - I swear I was going to go insane. It felt like someone was flicking the tip of my nipple repeatedly! It was probably his tongue or something, but I was very uncomfortable and just wanted to push him away!

Hope this calms down a bit, or I might have to gently "re-direct" his requests for milk...
My boobies hurt! Not nearly as bad as with dd at this point, but they are sore and nursing hurts! Luckily, she is down to only a few times a day, but still, I'm sore!

I had a little nausea last night, but that was it. Mostly just DEAD tired. That was how it was with dd too, my first symptom was sheer exhaustion.
Nursing Mama here and no sore boobs yet. I am really hot though (hot flashes?) and yesterday I was really queasy pretty much all day and I have been dizzy for about a week.
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Mine hurt too! It's mostly just my nipples when dd nurses though not exactly my breasts. Does that make sense? I've been asking dh to get her a bottle of expressed milk or some juice or something cuz it hurts so bad sometimes! Hopefully it gets better b/c neither of us are ready to stop yet.

Michelle, you're too funny!! I had a dream the other night I was digging in to some watermelon I'd been craving & it was so nasty I was vomiting....I think I woke my dh up, too, & he thought I was having another kind of dream with all the sounds I was making. LOL

I'm dead tired & my nipples are so sore when ds nurses. It's 8:35 p.m. & after this post I'm off to bed. When my head hits that pillow I'll be OUT & no more nursing for at least another few hours (lets hope).

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exhaustion-- a little more than normal with my toddler, sore boobs-- nursing is getting worse daily, urge to pee often, and a handful of twinges... but still i don't really "feel" pregnant. weird.
My boobs are killing me! Other than that and having serious mood swings, I am pretty much symptom free. I'm enjoying it thus far, as with both pregnancies with my dds I puked morning, noon, and night well into the 2nd trimester.
ok, so far just about my only symptom is my boobs growing about a cup size overnight. well, one was during the day and the other caught up overnight

where's a good place to get new bras?
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