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oops--am I squishing it?

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Everytime I lie on my left side, I get little arm squiggles all squirmey at the bottom left of my lllooooww pelvis.... is baby mad at me for squishing it???

I actually slept most of last night on my right side, because when i lie on my left, I get the squirmies and soooo much pain and preassure in my butt-area that I want to cry... but on my right I sleep soooo blissfully!

Babe is firmly on the left, head waaay down, and all that good stuff.

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I am rarely able to sleep on my left side -- I get blood rushing in my ears and see stars nearly everytime I try to slep on my left side (and yet I wake up on my back and have none of those more typical symptoms of squishing the vena cava).

I vote listen to your body and your babe -- if sleeping on the left side results in the baby protesting, then by all means, readjust!

Sometimes when I have the pillow squished against my tum, the bean pitches a fit, so I move the pillow and she'll calm down (sometimes hehe).
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I think "listen to your body" is the answer to so many pg issues, dont you?
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I feel so bad - sometimes I don't notice and I lean my belly up against my desk when I'm at work. Babycakes sure lets me know when I do it! I promise I won't squish you when you come out, little one.
I get that too - when I'm on my left side sometimes. I feel like she falls all the way over into practically my back side of my waist and isn't happy about it. Sometimes I feel that just beingin over to pick something up. We can't do damage that way can we???

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