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oh my. wow. i don't even know what part of this to respond to! i definitely know what you mean. i think that those of us who have responded on this thread are sadly in the minority. whenever i venture beyond my group of friends here and see parents in the mainstream world feeding their kids, it is such a shock to me!
my cousin's girlfriend's daughter at a picnic we had was also crying out for pop because she was thirsty. it is so sad that children cry for sodas when they are thirsty.

my niece always does that "gross, what is that?!!!" when eating around us. she says this about everything we eat and it makes me laugh as she never knows what it is before saying "gross!" but the nice part is that she tastes it and sometimes likes whatever it is (hummus, nutbutter balls, e.g.) and she adores my dd, who is five years younger---and if we all go out to eat she wants whatever my dd is having! hence the hummus

but it is really just so hard for me when eating with others sometimes. i just don't like the idea of my dd eating dyes and sugar and basically rotten fat. so it's a real struggle for me as i sometimes feel like isolating myself so as not to have to deal with it, and that's not a good answer, kwim?
i don't know what the answer is, as you can't really talk to people about it without being sort of insulting.

oh, and one last comment---i hate when people think it is cute to feed kids crap!!! it is cute and loving to me to see kids eating and thouroughly enjoying real food. that really makes me furious and i also don't like when people just look at my dd like "you poor miserable thing" when they hear i don't want her to eat total crap. big heavy sigh.
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