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Hi Mamas - I just wanted to say some of you are writing amazing letters. Not sure if any of you are freelancers (or wanna be writers) but many papers take unsolicited op-ed peices. This is a pretty hot topic right now and I'd like to encourage you to go for maximum exposure (not to mention a pay cheque

If you want some basic info on how to submit an op-ed peice, PM me. It really varies from paper to paper and depends if they are taking freelance at any given time but I do have a few tips.

edited to add
this gives as much info as I could give you just ignore that it's for another group - oh it has a great contact list too

If you do intend to send something in be aware you can not "publish" it here first for comments. PM it to a few select people for comments but you will breech copyright if you post it here first.

And don't worry about not having experience or being an 'expert' - to be qualified for this you just need to articulate a strong opinion. Many of the letters written here are well on their way to being great op-ed peices!
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