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Co-op's Company Name: Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces


Amount/Discount/Percentage Off Retail: 25% off all in stock items (with discount, necklaces as low as $11.25)

Minimum Order:

A. What is the minimum order? 20 items
B. How will participants know when the minimum has been met? I will post in the thread when the minimum has been met

Maximum Order:
What is the largest order you will place, either by number of items, participants or $ amount? 100 items

Opening Date: September 10th

Closing Date:
A. When are final orders due? September 24th unless 100 item maximum is met before then
B. When are payments due? September 26th
C. Will you announce if the co-op is closing early due to max number being met? Yes, I will post in the thread and PM all participants if the co-op is closing early.

Should participants edit their first post, make all changes in a new post, leave deletions and use strike through feature (strike through feature)? Please make all changes in a new post.

Shipping Fees:
1. Will this be split equally among participants, by weight? Is it free with a minimum order? Shipping to organizer will be split equally among participants
2. When do you expect payment? Once the total is known -- prior to shipping

1. Will shipping be flat rate/priority only, by weight, both, cheapest? All orders must include Delivery Confirmation for all participants. All items will be shipped via first class mail by weight. Will ship priority ($4.95) if preferred
2. Will you ship to Canada? Internationally? (International shipping must be done via a method with delivery confirmation which needs to be spelled out) I will ship to Canada -- All items will be shipped via first class mail by weight. Will ship priority ($11.95) if preferred
3. Will you accept both funded and cc payments for shipping? I'm not sure what this means

Payment Information:
A. PAYPAL: All participants must agree to pay Paypal fees incurred
B. Will you accept Money Orders/Checks? Yes
C. Do participants need to do anything special when making payments? Special instructions: ie: MDC Name/Co-op Name in Subject line? Copying order into notes section, specifying post number where order is? If your directions are not followed, how will you handle? Include "amber/MDC name" in subject line (in memo if paying with check/money order)

Additional Fees:
A. Are any fees charged for incidentals such as packaging materials, printing supplies, gas to the PO, etc.? (Maximum is $2 per person unless fee is completely broken out) $1 per participant includes mailing envelope, printing supplies and gas to post office. For those requesting priority shipping, fee is 25¢
B. When is this fee due? With payment for goods

A. Will you allow fills? No
B. If so, how will they be handled? N/A

Please specify your requirements regarding how you will handle cancellations/refunds. We ask that refunds be processed within seven business days. Cancellations must be made by midnight PST on the closing date. If maximum is met before the closing date, participants will have 48 hours from notice of closing to cancel their order. Refunds, for those who have already paid prior to cancelling their order, will be made within 72 hours of cancellation notification.

Additional Information:
Any additional info you would like to post regarding this co-op: from sellers website: Baltic Amber is found in and around the Baltic sea where an ancient species of trees was washed to shore to fossilize and create the unique and healing resin we know as Baltic Amber. What makes Baltic Amber so effective is it's high content of succinic acid. Succinic acid is a natural occurring component of Amber and can be as high as 8% in the amber found in the Baltic region. Succinic acid is a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and central nervous system calmer. It is so effective on babies and small children because it simultaneously eases their pain while also having a strong soothing effect on their nervous system - all with zero side effects!

Amber is a wholly-organic material derived from the resin of extinct species of trees. By absorbing pain and negative energy, Amber allows the body to re-balance and heal itself. Amber alleviates stress. It treats the throat, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver, and gallbladder, alleviates joint problems, and strengthens the mucus membranes. Baltic Amber contains succinic acid and when it is heated against the skin it releases an all natural analgesic (pain relief) which helps to ease teething pains in children as well as colic and gas and other ailments.

These also work wonders with adults! They help with migraines, arthritis, acid reflux and many, many other issues!!

Hazelwood has long been valued for it's natural alkalizing and healing properties. When worn against the skin, Hazelwood absorbs the acidity in your body and creates an alkalized balanced Ph. By doing so, the necklaces can also help with digestion, constipation, eczema, migraines, acid reflux, heart burn, nausea, arthritis, skin problems etc.

Acidic conditions in the human body can cause serious health problems if they go untreated. Acidic conditions force the body to borrow minerals - including calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium - from vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid and safely remove it from the body. Using Hazelwood will greatly reduce the stress placed on your body to continually try to balance your acidity level and bring your body into an alkaline state.
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