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Open for custom aio's!

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The Calico Baby

Her ultimate aio's are pul lined with windpro. I can't imagine anything much getting through them. Beautiful prints too .
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EVIL!!!! You all are evil!!!

I had to go custom order one of the Lil' cowpoke print...

I have fluff has been soooooo long...
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her prints--the tropical fish and rainbow cat batik-mmmmmmmmmm
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I have one of her ultimate AIO's and it's wonderful!
I'm semi-on the wagon (meaning buying only some of the stuff I really wanna grab up) so I have to resist these for now..... (of course by the time I have funds to spare she'll be so hyena'd over that I will never get anything!)
I just had to grab one when I saw the glow-in-the-dark stars print. DH will probably kill me...but oh well!
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Okay I am supposed to be on the wagon
: But I love the Cowpokes fabric. Any imput on her fitteds?
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I know, she has beautiful fabrics. The batiks look smashing. I got one for each of my babes last week and became so enamoured of them that I have been checking out her custom page every day. I just lucked out I guess.

Katy, I haven't tried her fitteds, but cowpokes! so cute
Isn't Windpro water repellant??

I thought that is why it had to go on the OUTSIDE of a diaper??

Just wondering~~any WAHMs that could tell me??
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