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Opinions? Children calling parents by their first name

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My son 23m just learned to say my first name. I think it is the cutest thing ever, and I want him to continue. Am I wierd? ~don't answer that last question.

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Just wanted to reply from the view of an adult who called their mom by their first name as a child
I started when I was three I think and never changed. When I was 8 they tried, but by then I was rebelling. When I became a teen, it just felt weird to say mom...and honestly as a young adult it was still strange. Usually I just say nothing and it is really hard. I do say mom now out of respect, but I feel awkard every time I say it.

It is totally up to you is hard to think of the long term. I guess is it something you think is cute now but will not think it is cute in a couple of months or do you think you would not mind it if she continued to call you it.

BTW: I get my son to say my name too because it is cute
He just does not know it is "my" name
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For my dd, this was a phase. She realized that we had names other than mom, dad, gma, gpa....and she wanted to use them. When the novelty wore off, she went back to mommy and daddy and gammy and grampy.

I did like the phase. I thought it was so cute! But I am happy to be Mommy to her
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I always thought it was odd when children called their parents by their first name, but really...I haven't thought of it in so long that I have no clue what my opinion is. So I'll be
to see what everyone thinks and then form my opinion.
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My dd (almost 3) will do it when she's trying to get my attentiong, especially when I'm on the phone of on the computer.

Hey Mommy?
Excuse me, KATE?

She calls dh by his 1st name sometimes too. We don't correct her. It's funny!
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I couldn't care less actually.

Well, I mean I suppose I would prefer mama, because I so love being her mama, but if she chooses to call me by my first name --- what is the solution?? Ignore her until she calls me mama? Scold her and try to force her to call me mama? Tell her I want to be called mama despite the fact that she doesn't feel comfortable with it or like it or want to? I mean, none of those options are pleasing to me and I quite like my first name so I really wouldn't be bothered.
I call dd by her name, why shouldn't she call me by my name?
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I think it sounds weird and hilarious, but to each his/her own

I do lot of stuff that other people think is weird, I'm sure. In fact, I consider it an indication that I'm on the right track
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My kids do both and it doesn't bother me at all. Does other people, though!
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Hmmm, anybody can call me by my first name, and most people do.

But, only our child can rightly call me Mommy.

I prefer the exclusive privilege of Mommy!
I perfer and will "teach" mommy daddy ect but learning our real names is also part of growingup so in the content of a toddler/child learning I don't mind being called by our first names. DD (3.5) has learned my DH name. Shawn she often says daddyshawn now
Shes learning thats cool. I'm still just Mommy
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Mine mostly call me Mama, which I certainly don't mind, but I actually prefer it when they call me by my first name. Being a squishy liberal type, I don't really like titles. I think they only started with Mama because Brigianna is a bit hard to say. They've never called my husband anything but Daddy, though.

My ds will sometimes use my name when he's disagreeing with me--"Bwiganna, that's not making sense!"--like I'm not worthy of the title anymore
. Maybe they'll pick it up more when we're less isolated.
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It's my name and it doesn't bother me in the least that my children use it.

Mostly they call me Mama.
I do lot of stuff that other people think is weird, I'm sure. In fact, I consider it an indication that I'm on the right track

My DD just figured out as well we have different names other than Mamma and Daddy, so sometimes she calls us by our first name and it is adorable! Especially if she is hearing me holler for my hubby and starts hollering in the same tone of voice "Hey CHAD! HEY CHAD! CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAD! Mamma NEEEEDS you!"

Of course I prefer to be called Mamma, but if she honestly felt more comfortable calling me by my first name, that would be fine too. No matter what she calls me, I'll always be her mom, nothing could ever erase that.
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My 2.5 yo usually calls me "Mama" but once in awhile she'll call me by my name, and I really don't mind one bit. Sometimes when she says, "Mama?" I will say, "Yes, Daughter?". The whole title thing strikes me as weird, but I really do love "mama".

I have a friend with a 7yo that calls her dad by his name, and I think it's pretty cute.
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I grew up with parents who thought it was a sin if a child didn't use the prefix Mr. or Mrs. for an adult. First names? Forget it. Especially for parents/grandparents. So my knee-jerk reaction is to think it's rude and disrepectful.

However, when I THINK about it, it doesn't bother me at all.
It's my name...why would it bother me if my children used it?? I know I am their mother....they know I am their mother....that's really all that matters.
I'm with Justice. It doesn't bother me at all, and I'm not one for titles AT ALL. Also, for me it was important that dd know our names in case she ever got separated from us. In college I worked in a grocery store, and every so often we'd have a lost kid who had no clue what thier parent's names were. (We were discouraged from paging people overhead saying things like "Will Suzy Q's mom please come to Customer Service? because of security concerns)
If you like it then it isn't weird. It only matters how you and your child feel about it.

My dd uses my first name sometimes when she is pretending and telling stories. That's fine. The majority of the time she calls me mommy or mom. I'd feel sad if she just used my first name because anyone can call me Kim but she is the only person on the planet who can call me mom. I think that is pretty special and I would feel a loss if she didn't want to call me by that special name.
ds when thru a phase where he called me by my first name and and he also did it to my mother, my dad thought it was funny so he kept it going on, then one day he just stopped and now its back to mommy and meme
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