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Opinions needed on Proraps AIOs

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I'd like to try AIOs, but don't have a lot of money to spend. I can't find reviews for these, so does anyone have an opinion? Or can you suggest other AIOs that don't break the bank? It doesn't have to be cute - just functional! I've tried LL AIOs but had wicking problems.

Any advise very welcome. Thank you
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I like the Proraps AIOs. Sure, they aren't cute, but they are VERY functional. And, I swear, nothing will get through those things. I love that they have gussets. They are a little bulkier than Bumkins AIOs, but I think they are more absorbant as well. I always add a fleece liner to mine to make it softer though. But, for the price, they are great AIOs.
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We had 2 size smalls when Abby was 2 or 3 months old (about 10 pounds) and they were HUGE. We could not even dress her they were so stinken bulky. I sold them off quickley!

I agree with everything Melaniewb said! You will never have wicking with these diapers. The only reason I sold mine is that they were boring.
We didn't like them. The waist vs. leg was really odd. The leg holes seemed really small compared to the waist. I could get a good fit on dd no matter what size. And the butt was really, really poofy.
I have a different question about Prorap AIOs. I have four that I bought used off the FSOT board. I haven't used them yet (baby is due tomorrow!) but I'm not sure of the best way to wash them. I know that diapers are supposed to be washed on hot, but will hot water harm the cover of the AIO? What about the dryer-- can they go in the dryer? What setting?

Thanks, and sorry for hijacking the thread!

EDD 10/17/03
we've loved ours! i can see how they would be bulky on a bigger kid, but on my little babes everything's pretty bulky...

i found them to run small though. my 13 pounder is already in mediums!

i just wash them on hot and dry on hot with the diapers. i don't think they need any special treatment- they're pretty tough

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When we first started cding we had one & I loved it! They do run small though, & if you have a chunky thighed baby, you may not get a good fit.

They hold like the hoover dam, though!
and you can wash them in anything - hot, cold, dryer on extra hot, etc... hth!
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