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Opinions on Motherease AIO?

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Thanks to everyone who posted opinions on Proraps AIO. Now I'd like to hear from anyone using Motherease AIOs. Good, bad, better AIOs out there? Has to be around $15 or less each!

Thanks all
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I had 6 of them, thought they were *the best*, until I tried them. I have a heavy wetter and they really did not hold much at all, leaked every time he wore one. I am just about to send the last 2 of them off to a friend. I have found that I like pocket diapers a lot better than AIOs, I can adjust the absorbancy, and stuff them straight out of the dryer, so they go on as easy as AIOs and dry a lot faster.

That's my 2 cents for you
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We liked Motherease AIO's.
I used the smalls and larges on Caleb and used smalls on Maggie.
I have contemplated getting some larges for Maggie now. Both of my kids in cloth were/are heavy wetters and the ME hold up better for us than some others, but I always put a hemp doubler in them.
Hey Chris! Just wanted to say that Caleb is the name we are thinking of for our first boy..Cute name!!
I thought they worked great. We never had wicking or leaking. I only sold mine because they were boring , like the Prowraps. I need to be visually stimulated while changing a diaper :LOL

Try here for cute print AIO's for only $10-$11. I had a PUL alligator one that worked great.
We had 3 of them for outings and they worked great! I would recommend using a doubler with them though, just for extra protection. I just used the Sandy's doubler.

Like other ME products they take *forever* to break in but once they did I was very happy with them.

i like them...but, for boys they can leak at times. I had quite a few times when i would nurse my ds and then all of a sudden i would be wet! The way the sides close there can be a gap, and for boys, their penis can lean that way and squirt right out that gap. Other than that i thought they were good diapers. I am selling mine though....i guess b/c they are poofier than i would like. I like other diapers better.
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