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Hi Jenn,

Well, here is the deal. I have a 30lb toddler who is close to 3. I am hoping he will potty train soon, but he is not showing any interest. Diaper changes range from normal to nightmarish, with the latter being the most common. It can easily take upwards of an hour to cajole him out of a poopy diaper.

We have one red patterned bumkins. It is his favourite. He always wants the red diaper. So DH suggested trying to find some aio prints in red. I have been looking at every garage sale site I can. Then I tried some actual wahm sites, but nothing is ever in stock. I know I can get another bumkins, but I really wanted to try something else. Basically, I was looking for under $10, unless I totally fall in love. So, there ya go.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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