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+ OPK after EWCM?

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OK, So after vitamin supplementing myself to death this cycle, I've had EWCM for about 3-4 days, but still no +OPK. Truthfully, we're both tired of BD at this point.
I hate to not BD while there is still EWCM though, kwim? Maybe I missed the + OPK? Ya think?
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Sigh... I KWYM exactly.
: I'm waiting for the post-O temperature rise, think I O'd yesterday, but the temps are still low, and CM is still semi-watery. I didn't have a ton of EWCM this cycle either (or yet?)
DH has low sperm count, so we are supposed to BD every other day, but of course I didn't want to miss O, so we DTD every day for the last 3 days. I guess if my temp goes up tomorrow it wouldn't harm us to BD today, but what if I still haven't O'd? Aargh!

I don't do OPKs, but I test saliva for ferning and it is still fertile, and the cervix is softish. I would hate to miss the fertile window, but apparently it is possible to have several days of fertile signs... (this is day 4 of saliva ferning for me)
What should I do?

Do you chart? The temp rise can tell you if you O'd or not...
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I'll have to start charting if we don't get it this cycle. I can't stand not knowing. I am in the same boat. I'm not sure if I O'd yet. I thought I did butu there is still EWCM...Grrr
This cycle I had 3 days of ewcm, and the a wet day and finally O'd. I was using OPK's the whole time. I had a negative the evening before, a positive at 2:30 and was negative again by 5:30. So, a fast surge. You may have O'd, but missed the surge.
grrr. so easy to miss the surge with those test sticks!
so easy to mistake good cervical mucous with sperm
charting is great for gathering information about youer cycle
so that you can identify any defects (luteal phase, annovulatory, thyroid issues, etc.)
i find it makes me a little nuts to chart though!
and doesn't give you enough warning before ovulation to get in all the trying you could
i swore i wasn't going to chart again because i find it a little too naval gazing
but i am charting again so that i know where my body is at after my pregnancy and loss
but i am also using the OV watch which i really liked before
and i think helped us conceive Milos
it was more relaxing took ttc off my mind
and gives you the full 4 days before you ovulate to "try"
it's expensive but maybe worth it if you're exhausted
good luck!
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I concur - charting is great, but only if your termometer is working.
It turns out mine is dying and was giving me lower temps. So, I have to guess when I O'd, but luckily I track CP, and CM, and ferning. Based on the CP I think it was CD15. Of course I can't trust any of my temps for the past ??? days.
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Thankfully I have a flaming positive OPK this afternoon.
: At least it takes the guesswork out of it, you know?
My mom is staying with us for a while and stepped out for a minute....DH never knew what hit him.
The charting probably won't work for me though since my son wakes me up every few hours. Just for a few minutes each time to make sure I don't get a good night's sleep.
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OK great..another positive OPK this morning. So two days in a row. It does look a tiny bit lighter than yesterday though. How long does it take to spit the egg out already!
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That's great to hear about the OPKs! Good luck catching the eggy!

While here, I'm back to low temps with the new thermometer. So back to waiting to O. grrr....
Although all the BDing is fun.
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I think you are supposed to just count the first positive OPK. It means you could o withing 12-36 hours. Maybe that's why you had another positive but lighter test this morning. Good luck!
yeah, once you get a positive you are in the window (like danielle said... i think any where from 12 to 42 hours of good trying time) so no need to use/waste another stick
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