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opk question - please help!

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I FINALLY had my first post-partum period after 2 years! For any of you still trying, I'm convinced that acupuncture did it! Anyway, now I am in my first cycle and feverishly trying to conceive (we have been wanting to for 6 months). I am using an Answer OPK kit for the first time. This is my third morning using it and the line seems to be getting darker, although it is still not as dark as the test line. So I'm wondering if this means that my body is gearing up to ovulate and the line will keep getting steadily darker or ?

Anyway, I'm hoping that's the case. I also got some good CM last night so I"m really starting to get my hopes that that egg is finally going to drop (I don't think I ovulated before my first period).

Any insights lady?

Thanks - Deb
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Well, hmmm...
I have never used Answer OPKs.
And I got my first pp AF at 6 months....

BUT, this is my advice for you. Yes, it sounds like your body is gearing up to ovulate. The fact that there was a faint line means the Lh is present in your urine. That the line is so faint, though is indicative of a lack of surge so far. Yes, your line should get darker. But if I were you, I would start BD right now, since you really have no frame of reference about how long it will take you to ovulate.
In addition, it is always better to have sperm "up there" to meet the egg when it is first released, rather then to wait until you are about the release the egg to BD. The sperm need time to swim up there, and eggs have a short life span.
Hope this helps!
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Thanks Katie,

That was good advice. We did BD so if there was an egg, hopefully we caught it. Sadly, I woke up this morning hoping to see the LH surge and the line was fainter than yesterday so perhaps my body isn't going to ovulate this month after all. I keep hoping that maybe I just missed it. Has this happened to anyone?

Anyway, the reproductive mysteries continue!

Best of luck to everyone else.

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