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I'm already thinking a week ahead to after my D&C, but I want to know: If I don't wait for AF to start trying again, when the heck should I start using OPKs? I'm considering asking for serum hCG's to be drawn so I know when they're low enough to not show up on a OPK. I guess I could just uses UPTs and wait for a BFN.

My husband and I got pregnant on the first try with this pregnancy, but I did monitor with OPK's and we bd'ed every night for 6 nights. That is really NOT typical for us. We're once-a-weekers, which doesn't lend itself well to "we'll just see what happens" TTC, you know?

We're really dying to get pregnant again, and want to catch that fertile time right after a miscarriage.

When should I start using OPK's? After my first BFN following the D&C?
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