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Opportunity for Girls/Young Women ages 10-23

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Hi All,

I wanted to share about a young feminist project I'm involved with, "All Girl Army".

All Girl Army is an online blogging collective designed to be a safe and appreciative, nurturing place for young women to develop and explore their thoughts and talents as writers, communicators, and people. We are seeking to create a community that will both reflect and attract young womankind around the globe. So far we have bloggers from many different countries and experiences, religions and cultures.

We are looking for girls and young women, at this point especially, ages 10-16, and also we are looking for young mothers.
All Girl Army should be up and running by May.

I thought the Mothering boards would be a great place to give a shout out about the Army!
I grew up homeschooled (starting in 3rd grade). "Mothering" was one of my mom's favorite magazines. Starting around 11 or 12 I began reading it myself and many of my adult views have been informed and strongly influenced by articles and the general vibe of "Mothering".

Jeyoani Wildflower
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