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Opt out of NYS BMI

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Is there anybody who has been able to opt out of the BMI screening in the public schools in NYS?

I got a form from the school for opting my kids' data out of the reporting to the NY State Dept of Health, and I'm doing that.

What I'd like to do though is opt them out of having it measured and recorded in the first place and I'm not sure where to start.

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BMI screening????? I have never heard of this! Are you notified by the school, like when they do scoliosis checks?
I'm not sure yet. I got a notice home in the school newsletter last night that you could opt out of having your data reported. It didn't say anything about opting out of the screening. I actually think that my kids are on the off years for whatever screening they are doing, but I sent in the form anyway. I didn't get a chance to talk to my kids about it.

I think it hits the same years that they require physicals and I would guess that if it's on your kid's medical form from the doctor, the school doesn't do it, but otherwise they do.

This kind of stuff (and the scoliosis screening as well) just makes my head explode. It's not the school's fault--it's the legislature's fault.

If the legislature wants to do something useful to reduce childhood obesity, they could limit the amount of homework assigned to kids and make sure recess can't be taken away. I don't want my kids touched by the school nurse unless it is an emergency. We have perfectly good pediatricians of my choosing.

The screening requirement currently applies only to children just starting school and to those in second, fourth, seventh and 10th grades. Physicians will test students as they come in for a health certificate, which is mandatory for public school enrollment in New York. Data then will be passed to schools and the state Department of Health, unless parents choose to exclude their child from the process.
OK, the legislation passed in 2007 but it seems that, for the 2008-2009 school year, only some schools are required to report the data at this time.

Some school districts were selected to take part in a New York State Department of Health survey for 2008-2009.

Only summary information, not the names and no information about individual students, will be sent. At that time, parents may choose to have their child's information excluded from this survey report by signing a form that the District will provide.

If the legislature wants to do something useful to reduce childhood obesity, they could limit the amount of homework assigned to kids and make sure recess can't be taken away.
: And how about reducing the insane portions of school lunches, and getting shit like the Slurpee machine out of the frigging cafeteria altogether!
Oh... and teachers? Please stop giving candy as a reward for everything.
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What!?!? This is the first I'm hearing of this! This makes me mad. I'm all for keeping kids healthy, but BMI is such a worthless measurement.
spero, yes, I found that stuff about the state reporting and opting out, and I did that part, but all it does is opt you out of the reporting, not the measuring.

The day after I posted this, my older dd came home and told me she was weighed and measured at school that day.
What I'm really confused about is that according to that stuff on the web, it sounds like they only should be required to be weighed and measured in K, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 10th grade, and she's in 6th grade.

Those years correspond to the years when physicals are required, so it seemed to me like there's no reason it couldn't be part of their normal physical done by our pediatrician who she knows and trusts. I just hate that kids are made to be measured, weighed and otherwise messed with at school, when they are out of control of the situation. My kids are both underweight, but I'm sure it's humiliating for kids who are overweight.

I was able to opt her out of the school scholiosis screening. It seems like I should have had the same choice for this, but somehow that's not the case.

Our school doesn't have a slurpee machine. I don't even think they have a soda machine.
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