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Alright I seem to keep hitting every wall in helping my lil one out...We started last month in letting him eat apples whole...I noticed a small rash around his mouth and on his neck immediately but I didn't stop him...He loved it...We watched his behavior and he acted, well, itchy (rubbing his mouth the entire time)...I'll be the first to admit it's my fault that I let him continue eating apples...

We traded them out for pears like two weeks later...He adapted but the same thing occured...It also happens with plums and grapes...I seen an article about OAS online a week ago...It really didn't mention a rash associated with it, but I read somewhere that it's possible to have a rash...

Does this mean I have to avoid all fruits with him (raw that is)...He can eat applesauce and canned pears with no issues...He just looks horrible but the rash doesn't seem to effect him at all...Will allergy medicine help his rash at all? I really don't want to remove something else from him...It doesn't seem to cause any other problems just itchiness and a rash...Maybe it isn't OAS but it just seems like it's a good possibility...He is young though...Is it possible such a young child (18months old) to have OAS?
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