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Oral Surgery Meds & BF

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I went to the oral surgeon last week and he told me that they will use Fentanyl and Versed for the actual surgery and Vicodin afterwards. He, of course, told me to pump and dump for 48 hours. I only plan on missing 2 feedings max, one during the procedure, mostly for comfort. Mom will give him EBM in a sippy and possibly one on the way home, it's a 2 1/2 hour drive, depends on how alert I am. I plan to take my breast pump in case I get too engorged, but I plan to nurse in the car afterwards.

Fentanyl is an L2, is considered safer, and is approved by the AAP/Hale. I have no worries about this one.

Versed is an L3, considered moderately safe and is "of concern" according to Hale. I am somewhat, but mildly concerned about this one.

Vicodin is an L3, considered moderately safe and has not been rated by Hale. Halfway between no worries and mildly concerned on this one. (ETA) Hale suggests newborns be observed for sedation, apnea and constipation.

Any advice, words of wisdom, precautions would be of great help! Thank you!

(ETA) I will have an RN (my mom) there with me for the next few days.
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I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted last week. My ds was weaning, and is 12mths old. I was under general anesthia, by marcaine (as I'm allergic to lidocaine). I took Vicodin afterwards.

Yes Vicodin isn't really great to take while nursing, but let me tell you, I was in a great deal of pain, and needed them so bad, and I'm not a pill popper. Since my ds was nursing 1x a day, it was that bad.

My suggestion, ask the oral surgeon if there are any meds you can take in lieu of. Actually do your homework, look on, give him names of other meds, there may be something out there. **Also ask for a different narcotic, there is nowhere written in stone, about you needing Vicodin.
are tylenol #3's ok for BFing? (tylenol with codeine?)
T3 is in the same category as vicodin
Vicodin would be okay, especially since you have an older infant. Remember, these are the same drugs given to moms who've had C-sections and they still breastfeed!

I had Percoset (closely related to Vicodin) after my C-section and yes, it made DD a little sleepy, but not much. We nursed right through it and she did fine!
I had versed while I had some work done. I asked the ped about it since the dentist said pump and dump to be safe. He looked it up and said he wouldn't be too concerned with it. It has a short half-life. So, I just nursed dd after I got home, that was a good 45 minutes after they turned the versed off. She was fine.
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