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Originally Posted by gardenmom
Scary, but too true. One pizza place we used to buy delivery from knew our address and name when we called in, btw.

It's already happening.

Yeah, they keep records of addresses and if you have ordered there before, they'll have it on file. I know PizzaHut (I worked at a Pizzahut phone center in my youth..*L) saves all the info so some other pizza places may as well. They also save info like "Dog bites drivers ask them to make certain dogs are secure while driver is present", "robbed driver!!!!!" or "cheese and peppers always"

it is surreal to have to explain...

"Our records show you robbed our driver last time you ordered"

Customer. "Oh,'ll take carry out"

That clip is freaky weird though....bleh

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Ha ha...

i used to work for a pizza call centre a few months ago... and we do have the info previously saved from past deliveries... including the one a pp stated....
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