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Oregon charter schools

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Do you know of any Oregon charter schools? If so, please let me know. Thanks!
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We are looking at Trillium for dd. It is in NoPo. I will get the link for you.....
I looked into the pre-school at Trillium, and I just couldn't get over the fact that there are no windows to the outside in the pre-school classroom...

I applied to the Opal School on a whim. There were 11 openings for pre-school through 4th grade- and 167 applicants. Of course, we didn't get one.

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I found this:

Hope that helps.

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Anyone know if Washington has charter schools? Just curious. Plus, what is a charter school again? Is it where it specializes in one area such as the arts, math, science, etc.? Just curious.

If I have the definition right, charter schools are alternatives within the public school system. We have some older schools like this in WA, but the teachers union is very opposed to new charter schools... so I'm confused on this issue as well (as to WHAT is called a charter school).

We have parent-coop schools and homeschool resource centers in the WA public school system.
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