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Anyone camp with kids in Silver Falls? We're planning a trip for next summer to the NW, and were looking for good family, tent-site places.
Any other suggestions?

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I like Silver Falls but IMO its a little warm to camp at in the summer. I prefer the coast for summer camping.
We just got back from Forlorn Lakes, WA. It was a pretty high elevation, so I suspect it will still be cool in August. We went just last weekend (mid-June), and it was 70ish during the day, but pretty cold at night. Beautiful small lakes for canoeing or raft-paddling, clean outhouses (no potable water). Large sites for group camping. Free with a NW Forest Pass ($5/ day or $30/ year).

I would also suggest that if you're going to camp in the mountains of the NW during the summer, that you do it during July.

My experience is that june, with recent snow melt, can have intimidating mosquitoes.

July is usually filled with dragonflies mating and oodles of butterflies, both of which are pretty cool.

August has us all guarding our food, because yellow jackets are everywhere.
We just camped at Silver Creek Falls last weekend. It is a beautiful area and the hikes around the falls are super to do! The campground is very "done"....RVs, showers, playgrounds. I typically prefer more rustic but this works fine because of the opportunity to enjoy the falls. The temps are in the low to mid 80s in the summer (mostly).

Other great areas are the Oregon Coast: Honeyman State Park in Florence, OR, Beverly Beach outside of Newport OR are both beautiful areas. Temps here are 70s to 80s.

We also like to camp along and above Green Peter Reservior....much more rustic and beautiful!

Have fun!
We did a few years ago but before we had dd. It was very hot and humid. But gorgeous. The hike is too long for most kids but they have a modified one that is only about half a mile I think.
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