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Organic cotton flats/pocket stuffers

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Is there anyone who sells these? I see tons of hemp flats and stuffers, but am having a hard time finding any in organic cotton. I would especially love velour, but would know about any organic cotton flats or stuffers.

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what about firefly flats? i don't kknow about many who would make ov or oc stuffers specifically for pocket dipes since the inner would be synthetic and the ov is so pricey that many would want it as a next-to-skin layer. there's got to be more oc flats out there though. someone had some firefly flats on the could search for that too-i saw it earlier
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oooh, thanks!! those firefly flats look nice!!! i don't actually use them in pockets, but lay them in a cover like a mock aio or wio, so that's why i'm looking for organic cotton. thanks again!
FunOrganic makes a 28x28 french terry flat. I saw them at
Fun Organic at, Sunflower Derriers, and Firefly diapers all make organic flats
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