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organic cotton - unknown company?

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I'm getting ready to make some curtains and a comforter for my bedroom and want to buy organic cotton to do this. A company by the name of Sew Ecological has a beautiful line of organic cotton designs. They are not retailers though so you have to buy their stuff from other companies and the prices vary widely (like, $9/yd on one web site and $25/yd on another). I found a company that sells the fabric I want for $9/yd which is by far the best price, but their website doesn't have an "about us" section. They do provide a phone number and email address. Does anybody have any suggestions about whether I should even consider buying from this company where I can't really find out any more info. I've googled the company name and the name of what appears to be a "parent" company but I don't know what else I might do to check out this company. here's the website (i hope it's not a faux pas to post this):


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I have never ordered from them (though I have browsed their site ... just more expensive than I wish), but I have ordered from Cotton Plus, Inc with a lot of success ... they ship fast and have really good prices. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there's a button for "browse" - then you can pick the category you want to browse through. I have purchased organic fleece and jersey and have been very happy with both (actually I have reordered because I like it so much). Good luck! (And post pictures after you're done creating!)
oooo, i love their prints! thos look like the actual fabrics that patagonia uses. wish i had more time to make stuff!

i still can't decide what to do. i got an email back from the owner, but i also got an email back from sew-ecological that they'll sell me directly a design i want that i couldn't find anywhere else but remember from years ago, so i may do that.

so, here's a sewing question, if my front fabric is about 10 ozs., can my liner be heavier to add to the efficiency of the curtain in keeping heat in/out?

Thanks again, my little wonders! i will post photos, probably on hubby's website (
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