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Organic Fabric in Phx?

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I tried to go to two local fabric/crafts/sewing stores today to buy fabric for baby blankets...but both were closed
I mean closed like one is a trophy store now and the other is a salon.

Not only am I expecting, but so are two of my friends...all within the same few I decided to make blankets. I ended up going to Joanns of all places...I'd never even been to one before, but alas, I did buy fabric.

So...does anyone know where I could buy organic fabric here in the valley? I'm open to online suggestions too...I haven't even begun to google it. Curious if anyone has experience or knowledge of any??

Thanks ladies...
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No suggestions for organic fabric, but I did notice the other day that Hancock Fabrics on Southern & McClintock had a sign up for a 50% off going out of business sale. I don't know if they have anything left, or if they are even still open, but if you're stuck with "regular" fabric anyway, it might as well be on sale!
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